Trade Show Success Strategy

  • Dec 29, 2020

Trade Show Success Strategy


Make your trade show investment pay off by following a few simple steps.


Pre-Show Promotion

Acquire the list of show attendees and send lanyards, wristbands, badge pouches, bags, etc. to generate interest in your organization prior to the show.  Everyone sends email invitations to attendees – sending one of these items will make you stand out.

Booth Personnel

The people working the show should wear shirts matching your organization’s color embroidered with your logo.  Avoid the temptation to wear loud bright shirts in the hopes of standing out.  Booth personnel should reflect your brand.

Attract Traffic

The right give away is the best way to draw attention and attract people to your booth.  Food items such as candy and mints are great attention grabbers.  Useful items such as a quality bag or note pad are other great ways to generate traffic.

Generate Interest

Show attendees are always looking for items they can use at the show such as water bottles, pads of paper, folders, pens, etc.  People will go to your booth if they hear you are giving away an item that they need.


Whoever gives away the best bag wins!  Bags are like walking billboards.  What better way is there to promote your organization at a show than to have everyone walking around carrying a bag boldly imprinted with your logo.

Keep Their Attention

Keep your prospect’s attention once they arrive at your booth by offering an item such as a business card holder, a letter opener, a coaster, or luggage tag as an additional gift for stopping by.  This will help keep your name in front of them after they leave the show.

After-Show Follow-Up

After the show, send the potential prospects a simple and functional gift that will reflect positively on your organization.  Stress relievers, clocks, coasters, and pen sets are great follow up items.

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